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Suffered Mild Stroke Six Weeks Ago, Says Zerodha's Nithin Kamath

Zerodha founder revealed he experienced facial drooping and difficulties with reading and writing. He anticipates a complete recovery within 3-6 months.

Suffered Mild Stroke Six Weeks Ago, Says Zerodha's Nithin Kamath
Nithin Kamath, Zerodha co-founder and CEO
POSTED ON February 26, 2024 5:59 PM

Zerodha co-founder and CEO Nithin Kamath on Monday disclosed that he suffered a "mild stroke" six weeks ago. 

"Around 6 weeks ago, I had a mild stroke out of the blue. Dad passing away, poor sleep, exhaustion, dehydration, and overworking out -- any of these could be possible reasons," he revealed in a post on X. 

While disclosing about his health, Kamath said he had noticed his face drooping and struggled with reading and writing. He expects a full recovery in 3-6 months. 

"I've gone from having a big droop in the face and not being able to read or write to having a slight droop but being able to read and write more. From being absent-minded to more present-minded. So, 3 to 6 months for full recovery," he said. 

He further said, "I wondered why a person who's fit and takes care of himself could be affected. The doctor said you need to know when you need to shift the gears down a bit. Slightly broken, but still getting my treadmill count". 

Nithin, along with his brother Nikhil Kamath, founded the discount broking platform Zerodha. 

In December 2023, Kamath announced that he was nominated as a non-official member of the government's reconstituted National Start-up Advisory Council (NASC). 

The NASC was originally set up in January 2020 to advise the government on measures needed to build a strong ecosystem for nurturing innovation and startups in the country. 

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