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Planckdot Secures $1.6 Million From HNI Angel Investors

PlanckDOT said that the freshly raised funding will be utilised for research, marketing, and team-building initiatives.

Planckdot Secures $1.6 Million From HNI Angel Investors
POSTED ON February 12, 2024 6:30 PM

PlanckDOT, a start-up that aids in constructing sustainable and energy-efficient edge data centers, secures funding at a valuation of $20 million. The company has secured precise funding of $1.6 million from HNI Angel Investors.

The company said that the freshly raised funding will be utilised for research, marketing, and team-building initiatives.  

The company specialises in setting up Edge and Hyperscaler data centers that are carbon-neutral, efficient, secure, and reliable focusing on innovations in cooling and adopting new technologies on the IT network side to effectively reduce the PUE ratio even further.  

Reacting to the fundraiser Ali Ahmed Saleem, CFO and co-founder of Planckdot said, “Our focus is to create a transformative change in the data center space through collaborations and research. PlanckDOT is poised to be at the helm of India's data center expansion and growth due to the demand for digital services and cloud computing, according to CBRE, India plans to invest $20 billion in digital infrastructure and we and our customers are committed to become a substantial part of this expansion.”  

“We have recently launched two of Tier III compliant edge data center facilities of our customers and a total of seven more are on the cards to be delivered soon. By the end of the year, we are bound to increase our data center numbers by thirteen times the numbers we have achieved till now,” said Ali.  

The company's overarching mission is to contribute to a greener planet through transformative innovations, leveraging cutting-edge technology. Its initiatives focus on improving the Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) ratio in data centers, aiming to achieve a constant of 1.0, signifying perfect efficiency in energy consumption, it said in a press release. 

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