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Infosys to Digitise and Automate Processes at Envision AESC’s EV Battery Manufacturing Plants

The electric vehicle battery innovator and Infosys to co-develop a cloud-based, modular platform powered by Infosys Cobalt

Infosys to Digitise and Automate Processes at Envision AESC’s EV Battery Manufacturing Plants
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POSTED ON November 24, 2022 9:47 PM

Infosys announced a strategic collaboration with Envision AESC, a battery technology start-up. Through this collaboration, Infosys will help develop a cloud-based platform to digitize and automate manual processes at Envision AESC’s electric vehicle (EV) battery manufacturing plants.

“At Envision AESC, we believe that advancements in battery technology will propel the EV revolution to newer heights. The manufacturing processes of our breakthrough batteries need a robust digital foundation to accelerate the speed and scale of innovation. We are confident that Infosys, with their trusted cloud technologies and deep expertise in the automotive industry, will help us continue on our journey towards achieving our transformation goals,” said, Brian Sullivan, executive vice president of global manufacturing and supply chain at Envision AESC.

Jasmeet Singh, executive vice president and global head of manufacturing at Infosys, said, "As e-Mobility continues to transform the automotive landscape, building a strong digital core in the cloud is a business imperative. We are delighted that in collaboration with Infosys, Envision AESC will be taking a cloud-first approach to digitize operations in its EV battery manufacturing plants. We believe that our co-innovation efforts will catalyze the development of next-generation EV batteries from a sustainability and circularity standpoint.”

Initially, the cloud-based platform seeks to digitise key processes requiring a high level of human intervention. In the long term, the cloud-based platform aims to improve productivity, enhance end-to-end visibility, and simplify quality monitoring through data-driven reporting and analytics tools. 

The emerging EV industry in India is currently going through a rough patch due to incidents of battery explosions. Across India, multiple incidents have been reported where battery explosions caused death or massive injuries. In this scenario, it is expected that the collaboration will help resolve the issue. 

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