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IBM Launches Watsonx.Governance For Effective Generative AI Governance

watsonx.governance is one of three software products in the IBM watsonx AI and data platform, along with a set of AI assistants

IBM Launches Watsonx.Governance For Effective Generative AI Governance

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POSTED ON November 16, 2023 4:28 PM

IBM announced its new offering Watonx.Governance will soon be available to help businesses. It will facilitate businesses to use AI models and eliminate the mystery around the data going in, and the answers coming out. 

The company asserts that its new offering is designed to help businesses address risks and complexities, ranging from using training data sourced from various parts of the internet that may be challenging to validate for fairness and accuracy, to addressing issues like a lack of explainable outputs. The watsonx.governance provides organizations with the toolkit they need to manage risk, embrace transparency, and anticipate compliance with future AI-focused regulation, it added.  

Today, as businesses aim to be innovative with AI, using a combination of large language models from technology providers and open-source communities, watsonx allows them to control, keep track of, and oversee models from wherever they prefer, it added. 

"Company boards and CEOs are looking to reap the rewards from today's more powerful AI models, but the risks due to a lack of transparency and inability to govern these models have been holding them back," said Kareem Yusuf, Ph.D, senior vice president, product management and growth, IBM Software. "watsonx.governance is a one-stop-shop for businesses that are struggling to deploy and manage both LLM and ML models, giving businesses the tools, they need to automate AI governance processes, monitor their models, and take corrective action, all with increased visibility. Its ability to translate regulations into enforceable policies will only become more essential for enterprises as new AI regulation takes hold worldwide." 

IBM Consulting has broadened its strategic knowledge to assist clients in growing responsible AI. They use both automated model governance and organisational governance, covering people, processes, and technology from IBM and its partners.

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