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Bengaluru-Based SaaS Company Clear Launches Licensed IRP Services

Through the IRP system, Clear claims to provide the best user experience and back end for customers in the country

Bengaluru-Based SaaS Company Clear Launches Licensed IRP Services
POSTED ON March 06, 2023 9:17 AM

Bengaluru-based Clear, a fintech software-as-a-service company, has announced the launch of its Invoice Registration Portal (IRP) service, which claims to offer cutting-edge infrastructure to generate e-invoices. This IRP license was awarded to Clear by GSTN. 

Through the portal, Clear claims to provide the best user experience and back end for customers in the country. It eyes to build a robust system imaginable with functionality for the largest and the smallest businesses in India. The company has claimed that its infrastructure will simplify the operational challenges and will allow tax compliance to become seamless.

Through form factors and languages, Clear aims to build products that will increase long-term archival, retrieval and data systems for those who have an unsophisticated infrastructure to share and receive invoices and automation for finance functions.

Archit Gupta, the founder and CEO (chief executive officer) of Clear, said, “This infrastructure will be largely digital and therefore be affordable, scalable, modern, secure and pervasive at the same time. The government authorities are partnering with private players to bring this vision to life. Clear is excited to be one of the selected ones. These digital innovations will result in ease of business and fuel innovation at an individual and a company level - both small and large.”

During the formal launch of IRP services, Pankaj Dikshit, the senior vice president (VP) of GSTN, commented, “This is a big step in the digitization journey of bringing multi-fold efficiency in the end-to-end business process flow for trade and commerce in India.”

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