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Bengaluru-Based Vhub.ai Launches AI Driven Digital Matchmaker For Brands And Influencers

The platform provides features for influencer discovery, democratises influencer search and collaboration with its marketplace, and provides detailed analytics for the measurement of return on investment

Bengaluru-Based Vhub.ai Launches AI Driven Digital Matchmaker For Brands And Influencers
POSTED ON January 24, 2024 10:50 AM

Bengaluru-based AI-powered SaaS platform that helps brands find the right influencers for their campaigns announced the launch of its match-making platform to disrupt the burgeoning creator economy in India. The platform aims to onboard 500+ brands and over one lakh influencers by the end of 2024, it said in a statement.  

"In its pilot phase of three months, vHub has been able to onboard 40,000 influencers and hundreds of brands that can effectively start reaping the benefits of the influencer ecosystem," the company further added. 

vHub.ai’s creator marketplace allows brands to list requirements for specific campaigns and creators/agencies can apply to participate with their commercials. The community allows them to make genuine connections and meaningful collaborations. Showcasing their unique style, content, and engagement metrics can help increase their chances of being noticed by brands on the platform.  

The platform’s discovery engine and influencer analytics tools provide detailed insights into the audiences of over 5 million influencers globally, it added. 

“With vHub.ai, we are making influencer marketing as easy and effective as digital marketing. This gives confidence to brands and marketers to allocate larger budgets to influencer marketing. With vHub.ai we are enabling influencer marketing with technology which will eventually unlock sustainable income for creators as well,” said Sachin Modi, CEO and co-founder of vHub.ai.  

The platform is equipped with fraud detection tools to filter out creators based on an in-house VQS (vHub.ai’s Quality Score) which can assess their authenticity.  

A detailed ROI dashboard provides in-depth insights into the influencer campaign. Tools like campaign management, campaign bidding, and seamless influencer management can be effectively done via vHub.ai. The AI-powered lookalike tool helps in the precision discovery of influencers for advertisers and brands. 

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