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Majority Of Indian Employees Not Thriving At Work: Survey

The survey by Indeed And Forrester Consulting reveals a clear generational shift in the attitudes of employees toward wellbeing

Majority Of Indian Employees Not Thriving At Work: Survey
POSTED ON August 24, 2023 6:10 PM

Job satisfaction, well-being, and growth are the most discussed topics among the private sector employees. And to keep productivity up, some companies have also started working towards it. Meanwhile, Indeed and Forrester Consulting have conducted a report which found that only 24 per cent of employees in Indian organisations experience high levels of well-being at their workplaces. 

The report noted that more than three-quarters of all the workers in Indian businesses reported low levels of well-being. The survey also indicates that the phenomenon is limited to India instead it is a global one. Indian organisations are almost on par with the global average of thriving employees around 25 per cent. 

The report titled "Work Wellbeing In India 2023 Report: How Thriving People Create Thriving Companies” was to measure employee well-being statistics and identify their impact on metrics like job performance, workplace productivity, and employee retention levels within organisations. 

Poor well-being of employees indicates that there are issues in the leadership within the organisation. over 67 per cent of employees agree that their employer is responsible for their work well-being. Characteristics of such workplaces include a feeling of inclusivity, acceptance, respectful interactions, and the presence of supportive managers.  

An overwhelming majority (93 per cent) say their manager displays empathetic leadership, 87 per cent say their manager leads by example. But such instances are few and far between if major studies of workplace culture in India are anything to go by. According to 69 per cent of the employees surveyed, the senior leadership in their organisations expected people to take on more work outside their stated responsibilities. 

The survey results also reveal a clear generational shift in the attitudes of employees toward wellbeing. There are fewer thriving employees from the Gen-Z cohort of 18 to 26-year-olds (20 per cent) when compared to the older Millennials (24 per cent) and Gen-X (27 per cent). The older employees also express more trust in their employers' ability to prioritise employee wellbeing. 67 per cent of GenZ believe their employers connect well-being and happiness to business success. 

This divide presents significant challenges for HR and recruitment managers since over 88 per cent believe it is important to find companies that care about how you feel.

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