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Flexi Staffing As A Preferred Employment Format Grows 5 Per Cent Y-O-Y: ISF Report

Indian Staffing Federation is the apex body representing flexi staffing companies

Flexi Staffing As A Preferred Employment Format Grows 5 Per Cent Y-O-Y: ISF Report

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POSTED ON October 19, 2023 5:10 PM

The Indian Staffing Federation unveiled the Flexi Employment Social Impact Annual Report 2023, shedding light on the employment practices that are driving positive social change through the formal staffing companies, leaving an impact at the grassroots level. The report delves into essential employment parameters, celebrates demographic diversity, explores the ever-evolving employment preferences, and spotlights opportunities for Fresher, Women, and Low-skilled Workers.

The employment landscape has seen a shift with a 5 per cent year-on-year growth in flexible work arrangements. An impressive 80 per cent of flexi workers are content with this arrangement, and 63 per cent wish to continue. Notably, 19 per cent use formal staffing companies as a stepping stone to permanent employment.

Additionally, 38 per cent receive training, improving their career prospects. There's an 8 per cent increase in contracts lasting over 12 months, signifying growing trust in flexi employment. Flexi workers also experience a 5 per cent YoY career advancement. Furthermore, 17 per cent of freshers are finding opportunities through staffing companies, with a rising demand for graduates and technical skills in the job market. 

Speaking on the launch Lohit Bhatia, president, Indian Staffing Federation expresses optimism, saying, "The growing trust in the flexible employment model underscores the positive perception and reliability that come with this format of employment, providing social security, continual employment opportunities, and upskilling for a significant number of workers. Formal staffing companies empower the contract/flexi workforce, elevating their economic mobility and the overall quality of life, heralding a groundbreaking shift. The increasing adoption and use of flexible staffing solutions by both employers and employees underscore its effectiveness in meeting the ever-evolving needs of today's labor market."

Indian Staffing Federation is the apex body representing flexi staffing companies, formed to provide a platform for recognized employment, work choice, even compensation, social security and health benefits for the temporary workforce; that constitutes a sizeable segment of India’s total workforce.

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