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Beehive Introduces eRecruitment Management System

It aims to boost hiring procedures by 60 per cent for SMEs and MSMEs

Beehive Introduces eRecruitment Management System
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POSTED ON September 05, 2023 2:35 PM

Beehive, an HRMS solutions tailored for SMEs and MSMEs, has introduced eRecruitment Management solution onto its platform. 

This solution aims at helping organizations to attract top talent, streamline hiring workflows, and build high-performing teams. The HRMS platform would result in an annual reduction in labour hours for small to medium enterprises, resulting in a 60 per cent decrease in overall hiring endeavours. 

In the Indian SMEs and MSMEs landscape, talent acquisition poses a series of challenges, including limited resources, skill mismatches, technology accessibility, geographical constraints Etc.

The Beehive HRMS solution aims to address these concerns by facilitating the acquisition of suitable talent at the right cost, while also streamlining the overall hiring timeline. Beehive's eRecruitment Management system, an all-in-one solution automates hiring and tasks, letting SMEs focus on core goals while ensuring seamless critical functions in the backdrop. 

The advanced features of Beehive's eRecruitment system refines screening, scheduling, and feedback processes. Customizable hiring workflows maintain consistency and compliance. Automated screening accelerates candidate evaluation, enhancing team coordination. The complete Talent pool management enables proactive recruiting, supported by data-driven decisions.

"With the launch of the eRecruitment Management System onto our platform, we have effectively addressed the prevalent issues and unique challenges that SMEs and MSMEs encounter during talent acquisition. This strategic move plays a pivotal role in resolving the pain points that hinder their growth trajectory. Mr. Haresh Awatramani, CEO of Beehive, said.

Beehive Software Services, a cloud-based HRMS suite solutions was founded by Haresh Awatramani in 2012.

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