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Veera Health Forays Into Nutraceuticals With VeeVital PCOS Support

The digital therapeutics platform is backed by Sequoia Capital India’s Surge and Y-combinator

Veera Health Forays Into Nutraceuticals With VeeVital PCOS Support

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POSTED ON March 01, 2023 3:16 PM

Veera Health a digital therapeutics platform for managing Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) has forayed into the nutraceutical market with the launch of Veera Wellness to help women with PCOS access science-backed supplement regimens that complement PCOS treatment. 

As part of Veera Wellness, the platform has launched its first-ever nutraceutical - VeeVital PCOS support for better management of the disorder. VeeVital contains the clinically studied dose of Myo-inositol, which is proven to have beneficial effects on PCOS symptoms by improving insulin levels, lowering male hormone levels, regulating periods, and improving ovarian function and fertility. 

Several studies highlight that women with PCOS are often at risk of developing nutrient deficiencies. Common minerals like potassium and magnesium and other vitamins – B12 and B9 and Vitamin D are present in insufficient amounts in PCOS women. Along with Myo-inositol, VeeVital PCOS Support boasts a blend of essential nutrients like vitamin D, B12, and dietary folate that can help meet any nutritional deficiencies and support overall health.

“I’ve struggled with PCOS myself and experienced the pain of not seeing any improvement in my condition after trying several solutions. VeeVital is our gift to thousands of women who still feel overwhelmed by finding the most effective PCOS supplement routine. We consciously made the decision to make a powder product that can be taken once daily rather than taking 3-4 capsules daily for the same clinically recommended dose of Myo-inositol,” said Shobhita Narain, co-founder and chief operating officer (COO), Veera Health.

Nearly 70 per cent of women with PCOS suffer from insulin resistance which is the key driver in causing hormonal imbalances and the associated symptoms of PCOS. Studies show that Myo-inositol is also naturally found in food sources such as citrus fruits, nuts and seeds, beans, and grains. However, for PCOS, administering an external dose of Myo-inositol can help correct hormonal imbalances and improve PCOS symptoms.

Veera Health started with PCOS, a condition that affects millions of women across the world. As Veera continues to grow as a company, it plans to branch out to other conditions that are not only limited to reproductive conditions. Veera Health has proved to be a game-changer when it comes to women’s healthcare, making it predictive and holistic.  

The platform is backed by Sequoia Capital India’s Surge and Y-combinator; Veera Health is India’s largest PCOS reversal clinic. Its evidence-based PCOS reversal program combines lifestyle management and clinical care so patients can see visible and lasting results on their PCOS symptoms.

Veera Health has developed the unique formulation of VeeVital under the guidance of advisors from top US-based research institutes. It is also certified by FSSAI for the highest quality of standards and safety.

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