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Baaz Bikes introduces its electric scooter ecosystem

The electric mobility start-up has launched Baaz Electric Scooter, Baazigar app and Energy Pods swappable battery to facilitate faster adoption among gig delivery riders

Baaz Bikes introduces its electric scooter ecosystem
Baaz electric scooter
Baaz electric scooter

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POSTED ON October 20, 2022 9:57 AM

Electric mobility start-up Baaz Bikes has introduced its new generation electric vehicle ecosystem in India to make the adoption of green mobility faster for gig delivery riders with safety and convenience.

It has launched its first ‘Made-in- India’ smart-rugged electric scooters, intelligent swappable batteries, an automated battery swapping network and fleet management tools at the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi.

Designed and developed by the in-house team, the electric scooter is priced at Rs 35,000. The company claimed that this price had been significantly reduced by separating the battery from the electric scooter, making it much more economical for gig riders.   

The company will also sell these scooters to small-scale dealerships where gig delivery riders can rent them, empowering micro-entrepreneurs in line with the vision of ‘Local for Vocal’. The Baaz swapping network will work on the pay-as-you-move model, lowering the daily usability cost for gig delivery riders.

Speaking on the occasion, Anubhav Sharma, chief executive officer of Baaz Bikes, said, “At present, we are operating with a cluster approach, where we launch our vehicles within a radius of 4-5 km in Delhi. In the next eight months, we aim to replicate this model in multiple clusters to achieve density and blanket the entire Delhi with the Baaz Ecosystem, maintaining the high utilisation of the network. As the network grows, we will open new opportunities to address a wider audience.”

India's delivery segment is characterised by extreme daily usage of over 100 kilometers and the least tolerance to vehicle downtime. Shubham Srivastava, the company’s chief technology officer, added, “The commercial segment has a lot of rough usages, which impacts the vehicle’s overall condition if not maintained well. While designing the product, our key focus was to develop an electric scooter that could meet operational challenges and stand as a strong partner for gig riders. Considering the present need and demand of the riders, we decided to make a strong metallic exoskeleton that encloses everything and that, too, an elegant one. Further, the scooter is also enabled with the latest technology to provide necessary support during deliveries.”     

Baaz Energy Pods come with safety features recommended by AIS 156 as a standard, making them thermal management flame retardant. They also have an IP 68 rating, making them waterproof and shockproof in normal conditions.

The Automated Swapping Network charges the batteries in a proprietary thermally controlled environment, significantly increasing the battery life. The Swapping Network can be accessed by an RFID card issued by the company and dispense a charged battery in less than 90 seconds. The company is working towards charging infrastructure using its unique business model, ensuring more than 80 per cent utilisation of the Baaz Swap Network.

Baaz’s proprietary fault detection and preventive management system senses any fire or water logging incideant and averts any accident. The system has features like Anti-Vandalism and Anti-Theft to prevent unauthorised usage.

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