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Vivek Khurana, Neeraj Srivastav Launch Neercare Agro, To Modernise Agriculture Ecosystem

Neercare Agro recently participated in Germany’s Fruit Logistica in Berlin in order to showcase in the international market

Vivek Khurana, Neeraj Srivastav Launch Neercare Agro, To Modernise Agriculture Ecosystem
Co-founders of Neercare Agro
POSTED ON February 16, 2023 3:56 PM

Neercare Agro, an agriculture-based start-up, has been launched in India and Netherlands to promote techniques used in Europe, especially in the Netherlands, to make Agriculture in India productive by using those advanced methods. 

The company has been founded by ex-Innov8 Architect and designer Vivek Khurana and IIT Delhi alumni Neeraj Srivastav with an aim to modernise the agriculture sector as well as to promote Agritourism in the country. The Neercare Agro team has recently introduced their products in Germany’s Fruit Logistica in order to showcase Neercare Agro for the international markets.

The start-up is reportedly focused on introducing innovative food from the roots, engaging in organic farming, horticulture and floriculture, to integrate technology into agriculture.

Vivek Khurana has experience working in various countries and introducing India's first organic smart city. Neeraj Srivastav is an IIT Delhi alumnus with 32 years of experience in the water and wastewater industry. His areas of expertise include business development, tendering, liaison, project management, vendor management, material management, cost management and team building.

"Agriculture is no longer just the business of growing crops, it is the business of producing food and fiber in the most sustainable and efficient manner possible. The idea behind Neercare Agro is that we want to make India more agricultural rich just like the Netherlands and other European countries," said Vivek Khurana, founder and chief executive officer (CEO) of Neercare Agro. 

"We are using technology as it is playing an increasingly important role in the agricultural ecosystem. Technology-enabled agriculture, or “AgTech”, is emerging as one of the important drivers of agricultural productivity and sustainability in India," he added.

"Agriculture is the backbone of our country and it is essential to ensure that it remains sustainable and efficient. Technology has the potential to change the industry and make it more sustainable, and productive. We believe that by leveraging the latest innovations and combining them with the expertise of team Neercare Agro we want to create a system that will revolutionise the agricultural industry in our country," observed Neeraj Srivastav, founder and promoter of Neercare Agro. 

India's agriculture sector faces outdated infrastructure, insufficient credit, environmental risks, pests, inadequate access to markets, poor storage or transport, food wastage and low farmer incomes. Government support is limited and modernisation and improved access to resources are needed to ensure farming prosperity.

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