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SanchiConnect Announces Ecosphere Pre-Seed Accelerator Program For ClimateTech Start-Ups

Selected startups to receive Rs 80 lakhs with a follow-on provisioning of INR 8 crore

SanchiConnect Announces Ecosphere Pre-Seed Accelerator Program For ClimateTech Start-Ups
POSTED ON September 27, 2023 2:40 PM

SanchiConnect announced the second iteration of its PreSeed Accelerator program, Ecosphere. The initiative is tailored for start-ups at the forefront of climate tech and sustainability. In its first cohort, SanchiConnect focused on Green Mobility, where six PoC stage start-ups were each infused with Rs 75 lakhs.

These start-ups are undergoing a 100-day mentorship program complemented by market access initiatives. With Ecosphere, SanchiConnect is elevating its commitment by earmarking funds ranging from Rs 80 lacs to Rs 1.2 crore each for the 6-8 start-ups that will be handpicked for this cohort.

The application process for Ecosphere is open to entrepreneurs aiming to tackle climate and sustainability challenges. The application deadline is October 8, 2023, and all applicants will receive a response by October 21, 2023, regardless of their selection status.

The selection process involves multiple rounds of evaluation for screened applicants, ultimately leading to an in-person interview and thorough due diligence. During the acceleration phase, the chosen eight companies will receive funding right from Day 0.

Commenting on the launch of their new Accelerator program Dr.Sunil Shekhawat, CEO of SanchiConnect, said, “We are fervent believes in the transformative potential of innovation within India's burgeoning Climate Tech ecosystem. Our mission is to cultivate and empower visionary entrepreneurs dedicated to advancing climate solutions and working towards a more sustainable future.”

Addison Appu, VP of Investments ThinKuvate believes “Climate and sustainability goals are no longer a mere target but a "necessity" for long-term survival". Climate tech will require funding across various segments. Partnering with SanchiConnect, via the Ecosphere program will play a pivotal role to identify accelerate the development and adoption of solutions that can make a real impact."

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