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GVFL and Brinc Enter Strategic Partnership To Launch Multi-sector Start-Up Accelerator

The accelerator program will also provide unparalleled mentorship from industry veterans, ensuring start-ups harness best practices and avoid common pitfalls, and facilitating networking opportunities

GVFL and Brinc Enter Strategic Partnership To Launch Multi-sector Start-Up Accelerator

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POSTED ON December 01, 2023 3:47 PM

GVFL Limited, a venture capital firm, and Brinc, a global venture accelerator, have joined forces to introduce the A4X accelerator program. This initiative is geared towards supporting start-ups in four key areas, each contributing to growth in Gujarat and throughout India.  

Consumer: The program backs start-ups involved in direct-to-consumer (D2C) businesses, consumer SaaS applications, and more. These startups aim to meet the rising demand for convenience, personalized products, and tailored experiences. 

Industry and Enterprise: Supporting start-ups in the realm of enterprise SaaS, Industrial IoT, and related areas, focusing on solutions that enhance operational efficiencies and productivity in industries. 

Emerging Tech: This facet aids start-ups delving into emerging technologies like Blockchain applications and AI applications, contributing to the ongoing technological revolution.   

Sustainability: The program supports start-ups in areas such as alternate protein, climate tech, and electric mobility, aligning with global sustainability goals and tapping into the expanding "green" market.   

Mihir Joshi, president of GVFL said “GVFL’s approach has been providing a broad spectrum of support to its funded entities that range from strategic direction to governance support. Partnering with Brinc empowers us to extend GVFL’s ethos to seed stage investing and provide strategic value apart from capital to promising start-ups”  

Karan Keswani, managing director of Brinc India said, “Both GVFL and Brinc share a vision of fostering innovation across multiple sectors, recognising the interconnectedness of today's challenges and opportunities. Our combined expertise and resources promise to offer start-ups a unique platform to scale and make a significant impact.” 

Start-ups participating in the program will benefit from a holistic approach, encompassing mentorship, access to a global network, and tailored strategies for each sector. This collaboration between GVFL and Brinc is set to propel promising start-ups to the forefront of their respective industries. 

Headquartered in Hong Kong, Brinc is a leader in global venture acceleration, operating 18 multi-disciplinary accelerator programs in seven countries. Brinc accelerates start-ups focused on Internet of Things (IoT), blockchain technology, artificial intelligence, connected hardware, drones, robotics, clean energy, and food technology, all within a sustainability mandate. 

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