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Accel Unveils SeedToScale 2.0 Open-Source Community-Knowledge Platform

The platform has undergone its first major UI/UX upgrade since its launch

Accel Unveils SeedToScale 2.0 Open-Source Community-Knowledge Platform
Accel’s partner Anand Daniel will host the two-part interview podcast series, SeedToScale Specials

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POSTED ON August 08, 2023 12:47 PM

Accel has unveiled SeedToScale 2.0 as an open-source community-knowledge platform to empower future founders with actionable insights to help them scale. 

SeedToScale, incubated by Accel in India in 2020, curates regionally nuanced insights for entrepreneurs in India and Southeast Asia. SeedToScale was developed as the knowledge platform enriched by the collective experience of Accel’s family of founders, operators and partners. The platform’s 300 pieces of content crafted with over 80 industry experts, successful founders, and experienced mentors have reached over half a million users. 

In its first major upgrade, Accel has transformed SeedToScale into an open-source community-knowledge platform. Through SeedToScale 2.0, the company envisions the platform as a collection of insights comprising the knowledge and experience of founders, journalists, venture capitalists, and industry experts. This curated content will give founders of new start-ups more comprehensive insights relevant to their unique contexts.

The new version has an upgraded visual experience designed to facilitate intuitive access to insights. The new information architecture of the platform enables quick access to relevant multi-format content, while the redefined visual language streamlines navigation. With content indexed by sectors and a ‘Focus Mode’ to minimise distractions, the platform offers an immersive experience for users.

Anand Daniel, partner at Accel, said, “Accel is dedicated to supporting the start-up ecosystem beyond capital investment, with a long-standing history of supporting founders with our mentorship, expertise, and network connections. SeedToScale 2.0 is another milestone in our ongoing commitment to empowering start-up founders by providing them with the tools and resources they need to accelerate their growth and amplify their impact.”

SeedToScale 2.0 will witness the introduction of new content and formats, including SeedToScale Specials. In this two-part interview podcast series, Daniel interviews Accel co-founder Jim Swartz and investors from Accel’s offices in India, the UK, and the US. 

The discussions delve into the history of venture capital firms investing and offer valuable insights into creating long-lasting businesses. Additional content and features will be made available in the upcoming months.

Accel, a global venture capital firm, has invested in India for over a decade. It has backed start-ups like Acko, Blackbuck, BrowserStack, Chargebee, CultFit, FalconX, Infra.Market, Moglix, Spinny, Swiggy, UrbanCompany and Zetwerk. 

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