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Workplace Cloud and Digital Twins Revolutionise Office Dynamics For Enhanced Productivity And Flexibility

The matured cloud infrastructure, coupled with Digital Twins, is enhancing productivity and precision, providing a glimpse into the future of flexible and efficient work environments

Workplace Cloud and Digital Twins Revolutionise Office Dynamics For Enhanced Productivity And Flexibility
Aastha Sharma- Co-founder and chief evangelist At Veris
POSTED ON November 17, 2023 6:50 PM

In the pre-pandemic era, the groundwork for remote work was being laid. However, the pandemic accelerated and cemented this trend. The immediate challenge now is to reevaluate the role of office spaces in the future. Enriching the overall work experience at home or in the office has taken center stage. 

In today's hyper-competitive business landscape, the old adage "do more with less" has evolved from a mere strategy to an absolute necessity. Enter the formidable fusion of Workplace Cloud and Digital Twins, a powerhouse combination that's poised to redefine the way workplaces operate and thrive. With a matured cloud infrastructure and cutting-edge tech, companies are unleashing unparalleled productivity and convenience for their employees, despite them not being present in physical proximity. Simultaneously, Digital Twins, akin to a virtual mirror of your workplace in the cloud, are equipping managers with the precision of data-driven 

decision-making around the physical offices 

Microsoft Office 365, at the forefront of this paradigm shift, is reshaping the digital employee experience. Tools like Teams have become catalysts for teamwork. Platforms like Viva are reinforcing the bonds among employees, delivering personalized insights & tailored information. Behind these innovations lies a resilient cloud infrastructure, as an enabler of cost-efficiency, automation, and impactful change. 

Workplace Cloud: Safeguarding ESG Commitments 

Yet, the benefits of the workplace cloud extend far beyond efficiency gains and lead to a new world of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) strategies that are the top agenda of boardrooms across the globe. In the 'E' arena, cloud technology is a clear winner, as it drastically reduces an organisation's on-premises carbon footprint by shifting data and processing power to hyperscale data centers- powered by clean energy sources. Workplace Cloud technology is reshaping travel patterns, optimising office spaces, and encouraging efficient device usage – all translating into tangible sustainability outcomes. 

Moving on to the 'S' – the social dimension. The cloud empowers employees by offering flexibility in how, when, and where they work. It has shifted the paradigm, making work revolve around people's lives rather than the other way around. This shift's impact on productivity, engagement, talent attraction, and retention is a game-changer for modern workforces. 

Now, the 'G' governance. There is more on the offer than just convenience; it significantly enhances workplace security, risk mitigation, visibility, and accountability. Cloud providers boast 

robust cybersecurity measures that outclass traditional server-based solutions. In an era of hybrid work models, where security is paramount, cloud technology combined with zero-trust cloud security forms the fortified fortress that modern businesses need. 

Cyber-Physical Security: A Growing Concern 

Another area that is gaining significant attention is Cyber-Physical security. With the advent of connected devices and the deployment of sensors and security devices like cameras, access control systems, digital signages, kiosks, and more, the risk of cyber-physical intrusion is higher than ever. Unification and futurisation of experience-first security workflows- on the cloud can significantly address such concerns. 

Three Key Domains Transformed by Digital Twins 

Digital Twins, think of them as your workplace replicated meticulously in the cloud, transcend static diagrams. Take, for instance, the digital twin of a meeting room; it's not just a visual representation but a trove of insights. It meticulously monitors space usage and identifies peak hours, preferred amenities, and typical occupancy levels, even uncovering ghost bookings.

These insights enable precise maintenance and space planning, allowing tailored amenity choices, adaptive scheduling, and cost-saving opportunities. Imagine this power applied across the entire workplace—a dynamic, data-driven view that empowers managers to make informed decisions with surgical precision. 

  • Space and Asset Management: Real-time monitoring of office occupancy, ensuring efficient space utilisation. It also provides a great view for the team to interact with live 3D maps and choose spaces as per their own choice - be it a focused area, huddle spaces, meeting rooms, or sleeping pods. 
  • Safety and Security: Having a real-time live view, with an intelligent feed from cameras, access choke points, and sensors, utilising cutting-edge AI around vision and data can greatly automate and improve the overall security posture. 
  • Property Management: These virtual replicas seamlessly interface lease and move management to streamline processes and ensure critical information is visible and available to all necessary stakeholders automatically, creating greater impressions and revenue opportunities. 

As we navigate the complex terrain of the new normal, the potent combination of Workplace Cloud and Digital Twins emerges as a leading innovation. These technologies are not mere tools; they are the future of workplaces. By embracing them, businesses empower their employees, enhance managerial prowess, and blaze a trail toward a future fueled by data and adaptability. 

Written by Aastha Sharma- Co-founder and chief evangelist at Veris

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